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Friday Five: Quiet Preschooler Activities

Right around the time when Lennox was born Audrey dropped her nap. Some days she still needs it and falls asleep (if the conditions are right), but more often than not she is awake all day. Lennox can nap upwards to 3 hours at a time. Audrey gets some Netfilx time and the rest of… Continue reading Friday Five: Quiet Preschooler Activities


Mommy Daughter Date – Raising Artists Workshop

Shortly after the arrival of Lennox it was suggested by my psychiatrist that I start having some one on one time with Audrey.  Fortunately I had been invited to attend one of the spring Raising Artists workshops. It was just what Audrey and I needed, enjoying each other’s company while being creative. Raising Artists is… Continue reading Mommy Daughter Date – Raising Artists Workshop