Mommy Daughter Date – Raising Artists Workshop

Shortly after the arrival of Lennox it was suggested by my psychiatrist that I start having some one on one time with Audrey.  Fortunately I had been invited to attend one of the spring Raising Artists workshops. It was just what Audrey and I needed, enjoying each other’s company while being creative.

Raising Artists is an organization founded by Alessandra Moretti, who has a background in Early Childhood Education, Child Psychology and Art History. Basically the perfect combination for running a Child & Parent Art Workshop.  Alessandra explains that the purpose of including parents in this workshop is to “promote bonding, freedom of expression in a safe non-judgmental environment and to allow both parent and child to experience the unleashing of emotional, spiritual, and physical bliss”.

The Raising Artists Workshops run out of two locations in Toronto; Artscape Yongeplace, and Daniel Spectrum. Our particular workshop was at Daniel Spectrum, which I had never been to before. The building itself is quite colourful and has a creative buzz too it. Audrey loved watching a group of kids prepare for their dance lessons while we waited for our workshop to begin.

We were the first to arrive and Alessandra welcomed us, and each family who arrived. The workshop is targeted for ages 8 months to 5 years. Our particular group had children spanning this entire age range. After a round of introductions and sharing our favourite colours, Alessandra explained the details of the workshop. The session included looking at art books for inspiration, brainstorming on paper, colour and tool selection, then actually painting, drying the canvas, and finally the signing of the masterpiece.

Audrey absolutely amazed me at this workshop. I was able to see Audrey in her new title as “Big” sister. During the whole process she took control of her piece of work, showing me that she was indeed “bigger”.  She decided everything from colour, to each brush stroke and foot print. She did not want any suggestions and was determined not to leave a single white space on her canvas.


At the end of the workshop each attendee is invited to participate in a group collaborative piece which Alessandra then uses for an “Art Drop”. We were provided with a small canvass to hide here in Oakville. Follow the Raising Artists Instagram account to get clues as to where these canvases are hidden throughout the GTA and even in NYC.


Audrey’s piece of art work is hung in her room above her bed. I love that I can see her personality and independence in this canvas every day.


If you live in the GTA and are looking for a great bonding experience for you and your kiddos head over to the Raising Artists website. They have two workshops running this fall and I highly recommend attending. I am looking forward to attending as a family of four once Lennox is a little bigger.

(All photos by Ericka of Little Moments )

*Please note I was not financially compensated for this post. I received free workshop for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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