Lennox’s Newborn Photos

When Audrey was born my sister in law gave us a newborn photo session.  It was by far the best gift, as it is something we are able to enjoy every day with the numerous pictures displayed in our home.  Derick and I definitely wanted to make sure we got newborn pictures taken of Lennox. We were excited to work with Ericka from Little Moments Photography again.

We had a wonderful afternoon as a family of four getting or pictures taken. Audrey did not always follow direction, and there may have been some bribery with popsicles. After a diaper mishap and Lennox pooping on Audrey’s lap she was done being in the photos. Audrey did participate by following Ericka around with her own camera taking pictures.


Lennox was very cooperative during the photo session only requiring one break to change and feed. I love the way the pictures turned out and can’t wait to add pictures of tiny baby Lennox beside the tiny baby Audrey pictures in our home.


If you are currently pregnant and are debating getting newborn photos taken, I highly recommend it. The cost you put towards professional pictures will last much longer than buying an abundance of newborn clothes which your baby will grow out of so quickly.



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