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Lennox’s Birth Story

Eight weeks ago Lennox was born. For my last two OB appointments my Hubby and I went thinking I was going to have a membrane sweep to get things started. I was trying to have Lennox VBAC. That was my only plan. We went to both these appointments with my hospital bag packed in the car, and the infant car seat installed. Both times I was not dilated enough for a membrane sweep. I was told that if I went more than four days overdue I would be scheduled for a c-section.  Lennox’s due date was Friday April 21st. I knew if I did not go into labour over the weekend I would be getting a phone call Monday morning with my C-section date and time.

After my last OB appointment I spent the next day moping around at home, upset that I wasn’t dilated. It was a rainy day and I let Audrey watch a lot of Paw Patrol. The next day, which was the due date I decided to try some things to get labour started. After Audrey left for nursery school I power walked to the closest Starbucks and back home, which was over an hour of walking. Once Audrey was home we stayed active doing squats because I already told her that squats would help the baby come out.

The next day I upped me activity game. Walking, playing soccer with Audrey and more squats. I spent over an hour bouncing on the exercise ball my sister had brought over. I ate pineapple. I tried a lot of things. Still no signs of labour, not even Braxton hicks.

On Sunday March 23rd I was determined to go into labour for two reasons, one to avoid a c-section and the second being that my OB was on call the next day so I thought he would deliver my baby if my labour started. I had a three phased plan this day. Part one was a long walk. This time is was a family walk to Starbucks. We decided to take some of the trails by our house home, and got a little lost, so our walk was long.  Still no signs of labour.  I initiated phase two as Audrey watched Paw Patrol before bed, which was bouncing on the exercise ball. Phase three was my final step, to use my breast pump. I told myself if the baby had not arrived by Sunday I would use my breast pump. That night I finally got Audrey settled in bed, which can take a long time. I headed down to our family room to set up the pump and watch some TV. Audrey then called out for me, for what reason I can’t remember but I do remember checking the time before going back into her room. It was 8:38 pm. I went back to her bed to sing to her and give her more cuddles. I then felt a weird strong kick. I had recently read a birth story about a women feeling a similar sensation and described it as the baby kicking and popping her waters. I thought maybe the same thing had happened, but I continued to cuddle with Audrey. I then noticed my PJ pants were wet. Yup my water broke in my daughter’s bed. I called out to Derick. Within moments I was on the toilet, Audrey was on the potty in front of me, and Derick was in the bathroom with us Googling what amniotic fluid looks like. Audrey kept asking to see. Looking back it is a very funny scene.

I then spent the next hour trying to get Audrey back to bed. I had 3 contractions while singing her songs and cuddling her to sleep. I just wanted her to sleep so I could go time my contractions. Finally after Audrey was asleep I was able to use my contraction app to start timing them. They were irregular ranging from 7 minutes to 15 minutes apart. I decided I should eat some food thinking it would be a long night. So I had a snack and Derick and I watched an episode of Modern Family. We then went to bed since my contractions were still so far apart. Despite taking my psychiatric meds I was unable to get any sleep. We decided it was time to go to the hospital when the contractions were varying from 2-7 minutes apart. We called my mother in law to come take care of Audrey and we headed to the hospital which was about a 30 minute drive.

Upon arrival to the hospital I was admitted right away around 1:30 am and was only 1 cm dilated. A membrane sweep was preformed. The contractions started to get stronger. After being transferred from triage to my own birthing suite I decided to get an epidural. The anesthesiologist was amazing and soon enough I wasn’t feeling anything. My Hubby and I were chatting and talking about trying to get some sleep, it was around 3:30 am. I then noticed that my nurse was moving the monitor around my belly trying to get the baby’s heart rate. I didn’t think much of it at first because it had happened once and I had to just reposition myself. Next thing I knew the nurse was on the phone calling the resident who admitted me saying there was a “deceleration”. I then automatically knew what was happening as I recently took a fetal heart monitoring course as part of my nursing education. The baby’s heart rate was low. The resident arrived; they stated that they could not pick up a heart rate on the external monitor. They had to use a fetal scalp monitor. The heart rate was the low 40s. At this point I was rushed to the OR. They stated that they would prep me for a C-section however if the heart rate went back up I could continue to try and labour. The rest was a blur. I entered the OR. The lights were so bright and there seemed to be so many staff members. Everyone was ready and had me prepped by the anesthesiologist wasn’t there yet. Then he arrived and it was not the same one I had before which made me more anxious. The heart rate had gone up to 120. I then had a doctor talking to me. I had no idea what she was saying. I asked her to repeat herself. She was asking for consent to continue with the c-section. I said yes. Next Derick was at my side and I was crying. Lennox was born via emergency C-section weighing 8 Lbs 12 oz and 21.5 inches long at 4:35 am. My Husband stood up to announce the gender as he had with Audrey. He said “It’s a trouble maker” referring to the heart rate scare. I said “boy?” He confirmed it was boy. My Husband went to go cut the cord and was right by Lennox’s side during the initial assessments. Part way through a nurse pointed to a monitor where I could see everything they were doing to Lennox. His APGAR scores were great and there was no medical reason why his heart rate had dropped.

After being stitched up I was transferred to the recovery area where I could hold Lennox and have our first moments skin to skin.


I was told by my Mother in Law that Audrey woke up at the exact time Lennox was born asking for me. It’s like she knew.  Audrey came to the hospital later that day to meet her baby brother with my in laws. We didn’t tell her the gender until she arrived. She did not seem upset that she had a brother instead of a sister. She was very timid at first but by the end of her first visit she was touching him and giving him kisses.


Lennox’s birth did not go as I had wanted, as most births do. I had one goal, which was to try VBAC. I knew it was only a 70% chance that it would work for me. I have come to terms with the emergency C-section and I am happy that I tried, I tried but Lennox the “trouble maker” had different plans.



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