#TreatYourselfMama Challange

Last year I connected with the lovely Ludavia of The Mama Workshop Blog on Instagram and was following along her quest to take time for herself every day.  I suggested she create a hashtag for this, and the #treatyourselfmama hashtag was born. I shared a few moments and so did some others, but then we all got busy with Mom life and work.

I knew that with becoming a Mom of two I wanted to ensure that I was taking some time each day for myself to engage in some self-care. I highly believe that you cannot take care of others unless you care for yourself. This is something that I have learned through my career as a nurse, and through Motherhood.

So for the month of May, the month we celebrate Mother’s Day Ludavia and I are challenging all of you to treat yourself every day. If you can’t get a full 15 minutes in that’s ok. I understand that treating yourself may mean sneaking an extra minute or two in the laundry room to eat a piece of chocolate while your toddler screams in the next room.

I am hoping that with taking time for myself for the next 31 days it will help to start form the habit for my next year on maternity leave and beyond. It was easy to take time for myself when I was a full time working Mama. I would take walks on my lunch break, meet a friend after work, or go out for lunch with a colleague.  But now that I will be home alone with a toddler and a baby for the next year or so I know it will be more difficult. Some ways I hope to take time for myself are drinking an iced latte on our back patio, reading or journaling for 15 minutes and pampering myself for 15 minutes. Please share below some other ideas below in the comments and follow Ludavia and I on Instagram.

2 thoughts on “#TreatYourselfMama Challange

  1. Great article, Jasmine!! I try to take a bit of time for myself everyday, as well. I tried to have a coffee in peace this am but somehow it tipped and fell on the rug…so I spent my time cleaning up the stained rug and woke the baby!! Tomorrow is another day 🙂


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