Audrey’s Birth Story

As my belly grows bigger little Audrey grows more interested in the baby’s arrival. I am happy to say that she is warming up to the idea of the baby possibly being a boy. Audrey likes to talk about how the baby is going to “pop out of my belly” get a “vitamin needle” and then go in the car seat.  She got all of these ideas by reviewing the pictures we have of her first 3 days of life. We have been looking at these pictures together a lot lately and I thought I’d share the story of her arrival.

I knew from my 20 week ultrasound that I would be having a planned C-section due to having placentae previa. Sometime during my last trimester I was given the date of this C-section, Thursday, September 11, 2014. I was told that although my C-section was booked for 10:30 am, that I should expect the time to change and have to wait, as my doctor was also the doctor on call and would have to respond to any emergent situations first.  At my final OB appointment my doctor told me that I had been bumped up to the first OR time slot of the day and that I’d most likely meet my little one before noon.

I started my maternity leave a week before my C-section. I spent this week at home nesting. I finalized everything in the nursery, sterilized bottles and all the parts for the breast pump. I also baked cupcakes and relaxed as much as I could. The night before my delivery, my husband and I went out for our “Last Supper”. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant where I filled up on guacamole and amazing tacos. I snapped a couple of selfies of my belly that night.


I remember sleeping well that night and heading to the hospital bright and early in the morning. I swear from the time we registered to the time little Audrey was born was a total of 90 minutes. It was probably a bit longer though. After being registered we got settled in our room and l was started on an IV. I remember lying on my back and starting to feel light headed so we paged the nurse. She simply repositioned me to lay on my side and I was feeling totally fine again.


Soon the time came to head to the OR. My husband was not allowed in while they were placing the epidural, but my amazing OB supported me. I remember sitting on the OR bed leaning forward and she was holding my hands telling me exactly what was happening and supporting me through it. I was then prepped and my husband was brought into the room.  I remember feeling some pressure and some pulling. During this time my husband was talking about how much blood was in the suction container and took pictures to show me (I think he was nervous). Next thing I remember is my OB having to get up on the OR table to pull Audrey out (she was too big for the incision).

When we heard her first cries Derick stood up to announce the gender. After our little girl had been assessed, she got her “vitamin needle” and was swaddled up. They brought her up to my head so I could see her. I had tears streaming down my face, I was so happy. My Husband and I then named her, we had it narrowed down to two names and after seeing her I just knew she was Audrey.  We had our first family picture which I absolutely love.


While I was stitched up, Audrey spent some quality time getting to know her Daddy in the recovery room. I quickly joined them and I was finally able to hold her for the first time. My husband then sent out the follow picture to our family by e-mail with the subject line “It’s a…”


We then sent a proper picture announcing her arrival. The rest of the day was spent holding her, feeding her and watching her sleep. I took the advice of my sister in law and said no to visitors for the first day so we could bond as a family and I am really glad I did. Those first couple of days in hospital with Audrey was wonderful and so full of joy. I don’t think there is anything that could have been done differently during out stay to prevent my postpartum psychosis.  I am happy to have these clear memories before my thinking became disorganized.

4 thoughts on “Audrey’s Birth Story

  1. These pictures are so great! What a gorgeous newborn she was! Are you having another C-section this time? Also you looked amazing after the birth!! I was a HOT MESS haha


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