Friday Five

Friday Five: Heartstrings

Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share some of the things Audrey has been saying to me lately that just pull at my heartstrings. Yes, between her tantrums and her latest “saucy” face she does say some sweet and even upsetting things.


  1. “Play with me”-I recently had a week off work and spent the majority of the time at home with Audrey. We did lots crafts, baking and exploring at the park. There were also times I just needed to get stuff done, like making dinner. During these times Audrey would look at me and say “play with me Mommy”. How could I resist. When she does this I always stop my current task and go and play with her for a few minutes. We can eat a bit later if we have to.
  2. “Love you”- Within the last few weeks Audrey has started to tell me she loves me without any prompting. She’ll hug my legs or just look at me and say “love you” or “I love you Mommy”. My heart just melts. These are the moments us Mother’s live for and make all the tantrums worthwhile.
  3. “No phone time Mommy”-I try my best to only use my phone when she is sleeping or when she’s having her own screen/TV time. When she catches me and wants my attention she yells “No phone time Mommy”. She is always reminding me of what the important things in life are.
  4. “I hate you”-She said this last weekend. It broke my heart. I tried not to acknowledge it and not make it a big deal. My Husband told her it wasn’t nice to say and she should apologize. She just said it out of the blue as we were all spending family time together in the living room. I hope I never hear it again. IMG_5209
  5. “Don’t love you Daddy”-This she says on the regular, or a variation of it. She continues to go through this “mommy only phase” that I previously talked about. I am not sure what the proper way to respond to this is. Currently I remind her of all the nice things Daddy has done for her

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