Baking with Audrey


Baking has always been one of my favourite things to do. It is one of the things I list when asked what my interest or hobbies are. I always say reading, baking and yoga. Baking is the only activity I consistently do off this list. I haven’t done yoga since I was pregnant with Audrey. Reading for pleasure rarely happens these days. Baking though, this is something I have continued doing over the years and is now one of my favourite activities to do with Audrey. Anytime I have some time at home with her, and I’m not completing errands and crossing things off my To Do List we are baking. This time is rare being a full time working mom, but I cherish every minute of it.


I am so happy that Audrey loves to bake with me. She does everything from picking out recipes on my Pinterest boards (mostly variations of chocolate chips cookies), to collecting all the necessary tools. She requests to wear her “cooking dress”, which is an apron my aunt made for me when I was five. She measures, pours, and helps to stir. She isn’t a huge fan of the noise from my Kitchen aid stand mixer, but she is getting used to it. At some point she losses interest goes to play, but will always comes back to it.


I have learned some things along the way when baking with a toddler. First, nothing will ever be picture perfect. Second the counter will be covered in sugar and flour, and I mean a lot of it. Another is that most recipes can handle my daughters measuring skills. Her teaspoon of baking powder is never perfect, yet the cookies and cupcakes and things we have made thus far have turned out.

My number one piece of advice when baking with a toddler is if you are making something that takes a long time to bake, or requires any cooling before applying icing, it is best that you make the batter before nap time. A two year old cannot wait for things to bake more than 10 minutes (chocolate chips cookies). So mix and prep the batter. Put it in the oven and put your toddler down for their nap. When they wake you will have delicious snack to possibly decorate and then eat.


*Thank you to my friend Sunshine for taking these lovely photos

4 thoughts on “Baking with Audrey

    1. Hey. Reading it brought a big smile on my face. Being a mother of two girls I could tell how accurate your blog was. 😊 A couple of times I tried to take pictures of all the fun but never ever ever I had success.. but I’m happy I found some someone today who had that luck😂
      Bless you and family. ❤


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