Friday Five: Bedtime


Bedtime with a toddler is a very long drawn out process, or at least in our house. We start at 7:30 and often my daughter is still awake at 8:30 or 9:00. On really bad nights it will go even later. Every night my hubby and I put her to bed together, but after her story my daughter kicks my husband out by saying, “Go away Daddy.” We then have special cuddle time which consists of some snuggles and her requests that I sing songs about random things. This week I made up songs about a blue light, bamboo, and her new toy lion. Eventually I leave her room, but bedtime is not over. Little Miss Audrey will call for me many times for various reasons. Here are five of these reasons.

  1. She needs to pee, but only after my prompting her to go before bedtime and while snuggling. You see this sudden urge to pee comes after I have left her room and it has been quiet for 10 minutes, so I think I’m in the clear to go into relax-mode. Then she yells “Mommy pee!” and if I delay I get “Mommy please let me pee!”
  2. “More water Mommy”. This is a habit we broke with the use of a sticker chart and a donut reward. She is to go to bed with only 1 sippy cup of water with no refills during the night. Over the last few weeks have she’s been dealing with a cold, a cough requiring an inhaler, and a bladder infection. I obviously gave in to her water need since she was sick. I need to get it back to 1 sippy cup a night.
  3. “Mommy! Eye Goop!” This is the latest reason. She will not stop repeating it until I go and rub her eye for her.
  4. Fix blankets her blankets. Basically she has kicked off her blankets and requires me to re-tuck her in.
  5. “Soother?! Where’s my soother?!” With all her blanket kicking and movement she regularly loses her soother and requires my help to find it.


Now you must be wondering why it is just me responding to these requests. Well she refuses to let my husband help. As I write this she is in hysterics because my husband has tried to take her to pee. Please if anyone has any advice to help me through this “Mommy only” phase ,please tell me. I am all ears! For now I am going to go take her to pee for the second time in hopes of some quiet time before I go to bed.

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