Friday Five: Exhausted Mom Valentine’s Gift Guide


Recently I have been feeling really run down and tired. I think the third trimester and working full time is taking its toll. I have been longing for sleep and a little rest. This got me thinking of what I would really like to get for Valentine’s Day.  So here is my list of what I would love to get and what I think other exhausted moms would appreciate this Valentine’s Day.

  1. A full night’s sleep. I’m not asking to sleep in, but I would love to sleep for 7- 8 hours straight without having to wake up to find a lost soother or fill a sippy cup in the middle of the night. If this night took place all alone in a hotel room I would not complain.
  2. A massage. Just book me a massage and take care of my toddler while I’m there.
  3. A monthly subscription for chocolate or some other yummy indulgence. This chocolate subscription looks good. This Baked goods box also looks amazing. These treats won’t solve my tiredness, but I may get a moment of peace to enjoy them.
  4. A gift card for one of my favorite coffee shops. I just like having other people make me pretty lattes, and it helps me get through my day (yes I still have coffee while pregnant, I stay within the less than 300 mg caffeine limit).
  5. I will gladly accept flowers and enjoy them for as long as possible.

These are a few things I would love, but what I am really looking forward to is making Valentine’s cookies with my daughter and just relaxing with my Hubby on Valentine’s Day.

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