My Manic Toddler

Recently I was writing my best friend a letter while my daughter was colouring. In this letter I mentioned to my friend that if I behaved anything like my toddler that my family would be dragging me to my psychiatrist office for assessment. Seriously if I ran around, singing random songs, throwing myself on the floor in a tantrum or doing 12 different things in a 10 minutes span people would describe me as manic and encourage me to see my doctor. After saying this I decided to take note of everything my daughter did for the next 10 minutes. She did 12 different things as listed below.


9:35-9:45 am on a Saturday

  • Singing Ba Ba Black Sheep
  • Playing with doll clothes
  • Opening/closing a box
  • Went downstairs to find her doll’s purple soother
  • Back upstairs to play with the box
  • Brought her doctor toys and stuffed puppy downstairs to play
  • Claimed she needed to go potty to poo
  • Only went pee
  • Threw box of baby wipes across the hall
  • Hugged my legs and said “love you”
  • Back downstairs to get her puppy
  • Brought puppy to me and said “no more sick”

I am pretty sure that if I threw a box of wipes passed you, then grabbed your legs and said “I love you” you would definitely think I was crazy.


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