Friday Five: Date Night

Welcome to my first Friday Five! On Fridays I will share a list of five things. These may be random, favourite things or something that has recently happened in my life. For this edition I am sharing five things that did not happen on my date night.

This past weekend, my hubby and I were fortunate enough to go on our first date night since August.Β  We went to a new Tapas restaurant and had some amazing food, including scallops and pork belly. I did not take pictures, as we were not using our phones on this date night. It was so peaceful to enjoy a meal without our little one. Here are five things that did not happen.

  1. There was no spilt apple juice
  2. There was no repeatedly picking up of crayons from under the table
  3. There were not 101 trips to the bathroom
  4. There were no chicken fingers
  5. There was no Paw Patrol playing on my phone

I am looking forward to getting in one more of these date nights before the arrival of baby number two. I am a little nervous of what dinners out are going to look like as a family of four, but I’ve got a while yet before I cross that bridge. Let me know in the comments below some of the things that happen during dinners out with your toddler, after all this was only five of many.

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