Five Things I do During Bath Time


So I have started to grow a little bored during bath time. There are only so many times I can pretend drink my bath water coffee. I obviously need to remain in the bathroom to supervise my toddler, and well to wash her. But what is a Mama to do while her toddler plays in the water forever? I have started to get creative with this time. Here are five things I do

  1. Clean: I use this time to clean the toilet, the mirror, the counter top. Basically, anything but the tub.
  2. Wash my make-up brushes: This is the latest thing I have done. I am horrible at doing this and go a long time between cleaning them. I now have the perfect time to do it.
  3. Tweeze my brows: I am already in the bathroom where my tweezers are, so why not?
  4. A mini manicure: I take this time to remove old polish and prep my nails for painting. I shape/file, attend to my cuticles everything except actually painting my nails, due to having to wash my daughter’s hair, and take her out of the tub. And if I’m lucky she will go to bed without a fuss and I will have time to paint them…if I am lucky.
  5. Catch up on social media: This I try to limit, because I want to only be using my phone during my daughter’s nap or after she has gone to bed. Essentially no screen time for me when my daughter is awake. Though I’m human and sometimes can’t resist.


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